All About Olive Oil by the Australian Olive Oil Association.

This site will guide you through everything you need to know about olive oil, from production, through varieties and types to the final use at your family dinner table.

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Heart-healthy benefits and superior flavours have made olive oil a staple in many Australian kitchens. But as with any premium product, there is a potential for impostors to mingle with the real thing. Now there is an easy way for consumers to identify olive oil that delivers the quality they expect.

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From tree to table

Olive oil is most simply described as the juice of the olive.

However an incredible amount of care and hard work is needed to produce the treasured *"liquid gold"*.

The journey from tree to table begins with an annual agricultural cycle.

Choose your oil

Which is best?

“There are so many choices in my local store, but I don’t know what the differences are. Which is the best?”

Never trust someone who claims to have the answer to this question. Like wines, there are a huge variety of olive oils, from different regions or different varieties of fruit, with different flavour profiles, suited to different uses. A good kitchen will have a variety of olive oils at hand for different occasions.

Health benefits

For thousands of years olive oil has been revered for proclaimed health benefits.

Being used as much as a tonic or balm as it was a food ingredient. Today science can help us understand better.

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Tips and ideas

There is no point just knowing things about olive oil, unless you are going to put them to use. Having an arsenal of olive oils at home will mean that you never have to resort to other fats or oils at all.